Meet the faces
behind Macy Mae

Owners - Shantel & Kendra

Our Story

Hi there! We are Shantel & Kendra, the owners of Macy Mae. We are lovers of design in miniature and life-size forms. We are moms of littles, dreamers and creative souls who love to bring our visions to life! Our journey with Macy Mae started in May of 2023, when we were blessed to be the new owners of the company.

Macy Mae was founded in 2019 by an amazing creative visionary Amanda W. She established Macy Mae as creative outlet & a way to bring dollhouse dreams to life. As her family and business grew, she felt it was time to focus and enjoy her kids growing up and acknowledged it was time to hand off the business.

Knowing Amanda for years, and following along with her small business journey as we also grew our own small business, we were thrilled when Amanda approached us about continuing the Macy Mae legacy and taking over the business for her.
We are also the proud owners of W | R Home Company - a home décor, gift, women's apparel & baby goods store in Central Minnesota. Taking over Macy Mae felt like the perfect next step for our us as well as the perfect opportunity to grow our children’s specialty items at our store. Sometimes things fall into your lap that feel like true fate - something that we couldn't have even planned or dreamt, but here we are living it!

We both have young children who are just getting to the perfect age of playing with dollhouses and watching this process has been such a joy. Macy Mae is more than just designing and planning dollhouse furniture for us, it’s a beautiful way of connecting with our child-like selves and getting to bond with our kids over all the fun these dollhouses offer.

We are so excited to continue to grow Macy Mae Designs and provide opportunity to help other children (and their parents/grandparents) feel the creative outlet these doll houses offer. Our hope is that parents will enjoy getting on their hands and knees and experience the joy all over again of being a child through their kids’ eyes. As we continue Amanda’s mission, we plan to continue to donate and help children around the world get to experience the joy these dollhouses bring.
This is just the beginning for us and we can’t wait to see all that is to come. Thank you for being here!
-Shantel & Kendra
Owners of Macy Mae